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Chronicles of War is written by Scott Cox with art by Tirso Llaneta, and exclusive art by Tony Washington.

Dive into an Orwellian/ Cyberpunk style tale that takes place in the near future and explores the past and how it fell into disparity. Follow a magnitude of characters who must save humanity from a radical empire.

In a future world, the NEW UNITED EMPIRE (NUE) holds absolute power as an elite authoritarian technocracy. Within their domain are eight UTOPIAS, cities fortified by fifty-foot walls to shield the "UTOPIANS" from the ongoing War of Generations. In this war, the NUE employs soldiers, assassins, and bounty hunters to combat the "REVOLUTIONARY GLADIATORS." Beyond the Utopias lies No Man's Land, home to the "FORGOTTEN," a group of free people who are hunted down and captured. If you try to escape, you will find yourself in a perilous conflict between deadly assassins and conflicted bounty hunters vying for your contract.


The story follows two scavengers, JORDAN and DAVID, who stumble upon a lost treasure abandoned by the Revolutionary Gladiators as the NUE lay siege to the last free city for the Forgotten. However, their discovery does not go unnoticed, and they soon find themselves being pursued by the ruthless General and his squad of soldiers.

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