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The World


Peaceful, crime-free, and controlling. The future landscape of humanity can be found in the bright and sprawling cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Austin. Advanced technology (flying cars), bright lights, and a Social Credit Score have made these ideal living places. But beware, if your Social Credit Score drops too low, you will be moved to the Ground Floor or worse, exiled to the mines.

The future of mankind comes at what cost?

No Man's Land

Everything outside the eight Utopias. The land is lawless and abandoned for thousands of miles, except for the Mines. The Mines are located everywhere and serve to provide the Utopians with food, beverages, technology, clothing, building materials, and labor. If you roam free, you will be found...

New United Empire

The remnants of the world before the NUE siezed control by an Emperor, tech companies, and fear through manipulation. Beware the power of the chip.

Revolutionary Gladiators

The last fighting force against the NUE seeking freedom and prosperity for all. With the human population decreasing rapidly, the Forgotten are being sent to the mines while the Utopians enjoy the fruit of their labors. Only a few can fight the endless war.

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